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Do you know that the first woman elected to legislative office did so before women had the right to vote! This is just one of the facts and statistics that Maggie French used to introduce her talk about the Cape Cod Women’s Coalition at our September branch meeting. The coalition is an association of women’s groups interested in bringing women’s perspectives and women’s skills to solving community issues. It began with a discussion by a few women sitting around a kitchen table about the lack of these perspectives and skills where they could be most useful.

They began by reaching out to like-minded groups like AAUW to cooperate in planning a Cape-wide celebration of International Women’s
Day. With a message of encouragement by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, their breakfast celebration was an enthusiastic success.

Setting their goal to encourage and educate women to participate in elective office they formed the coalition and began a series of monthly breakfast round tables to do just that. This is such a fine example of women taking the initiative in making a contribution in the

It is a shame that so few (15) of our members were present to hear about it. We can and should do better than this. Bring a friend or neighbor to the next meeting to hear from a representative of the National Alliance on Mental Illness; A topic which receives much press and little light in today’s discourse. When organizations consider AAUW a receptive audience for their message, we should do them the courtesy of coming to listen to them.

Elsa Murphy, Acting President

Message From Becky Alden

Fall really seems as though it’s here today. It’s rainy, windy, and chilly. Hopefully some warmer, crisper days are ahead of us.

October’s program on October 22 is being organized by Lyn Solomon. Mental Illness is a major problem here on the Cape as in elsewhere in our country. I am looking forward to hearing the presentation. Hope to see you there.

In March, we will have our book discussion. This year we are using “We The Resilient: Wisdom for America From Women Born Before Suffrage,” edited by Sarah Bunin Benor and Tom Fields-Meyer. I have my copy, and I have looked through it. From the back of the cover, “Amid the rancor of the 2016 presidential campaign, one uplifting story captured the media’s attention. A website called, ‘I waited 96 Years!’ highlighted the voices of women born before 1920, when the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote.” The book has responses to a questionnaire sent to women after the election but before our current president’s oath of office. Most are one page in length, so it’s fairly light reading. The book can be expensive, however, so I suggest you try to get a copy from your local library. Please plan on coming in March to share in the discussion.

Also in March, The Cape Women’s Coalition will be holding its annual International Day Breakfast on March 4th. The topic will also be looking at the 19th Amendment and Cape Cod. Please mark your calendars now and more information will be coming in later newsletters. (Or you can find the information on the Cape Women’s Coalition website that you heard about at our September’s meeting.)

Book Exchange: Please don’t forget to bring your lightly read books to the meeting to exchange for new ones. The price is reasonable: $1 for hard covers; $.50 for paperbacks. On days like today, it’s nice to curl up with a book, some hot chocolate (or perhaps a glass of wine?) in front a fireplace, and get lost in a book for a few hours.

Hope to see you on October 22nd at St. David’s, South Yarmouth.

Becky Alden, VP for Programs


Please welcome two new members:

Carla Feroni from Mashpee:  (No Bio yet)

Jackie Jacobi from South Dennis.

Jackie is a resident of Vero Beach, FL and is a member of the Vero Beach AAUW. This was her first summer and fall at the Cape and she looks forward to returning next spring and being part of Cape Cod AAUW. She graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Business Administration, and received an MS Degree in Guidance and Counseling and Educational Administration from the University of Akron. Her professional career was mostly in administration at the high school and adult level.



A small group of us met at Mattakeese Wharf Restaurant on the beautiful Barnstable Harbor on October 2nd. To celebrate fall birthdays. See photo below. Look for upcoming luncheons after the Holidays.


October 2019 birthday Lunch

October, 2019 Birthday Lunch



Look for upcoming opportunities in your email. Beth Flanagan 508-362-4319.


We are communicating via email to see current films and then meet for lunch to discuss. The next two films for discussion are “Judy” and “Linda Ronstadt, the Sound of my Voice.” See the movies on your own, then join us for lunch on Monday October 28 at Scargo Café in Dennis at 1 pm. Please call Phyllis Koppell if you’re coming: 508-237-3169.

FoodCooperative Dinners

The last cooperative dinner was held October 8th and was dedicated to Barbara Muligan-Rado who is moving to South Carolina to be closer to her family. Upcoming dinners will be announced.

BooksBook Groups

  • Book Group 1: meets first Thursday of the month. Contact Barbara Fletcher: 508-540-2758 or 508-853-6223.
  • Book Group 3: meets the third Thursday of month at 1 pm. Contact Beverly Stec. 508-385-5760
  • Book Group 7: meets 4th Monday of month. Contact Anne Swanson 508-428-0914

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